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November 2018
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'Instructional DVDs'

The Secret Art of Pool

The Secret Art Of Pool Is the instructional series by Lee Brett, who has coached and advised numerous top players including Darren Appleton, Shane Van Boening, Mike DeChaine, John Morra & many more. Lee has decided to share these secrets in his instructional DVD.

The DVD covers his “V” grip technique, his 1 to 5 set up system, Inside & Outside the box. Plus, how to have strong fundamentals, including sighting, alignment, stance, bridge hand & arm, follow through, 100% aiming system, and much more info needed for mastering the art of pool. Runs 2 1/2 hours.



Varner/Hall Legends DVD Series

On these pages are 23 instructional DVDs by 15 different expert players. Clik “next entries” on bottom of page to continue scrolling thru all the choices.

Legends 4 DVD Series
Announcing the release of ‘The Legends Instructional DVD Series’ featuring not one, but two, Hall of Fame & World Champion pool players! Nick Varner & Buddy Hall walk you through the shot selection, thought processes, & shot techniques of the professional pool player.
Each of these 4 exciting DVDs offers professional insight into one of 4 different pool disciplines. They cover the entire game from the break to last ball and everything in between.

Each DVD is over 2 hours in length & include topics like Specialty Shots, “Tricks of the Trade” and Safety Play.
The games covered include:
8 Ball, 9 Ball, One Pocket, & 14.1 Straight Pool

Watch Nick run 107 balls in the 14.1 Straight pool DVD and guide you through every shot!

Each of these 4 exciting DVDs offers professional insight into one of 4 different pool disciplines. They cover the entire game from the break to last ball & everything in between. Order now and be one of the first to receive these great new DVDs!

Special Offer:You can purchase the DVDs individually for $29.99 each, or purchase the complete set of 4 for $99.99… a savings of $20.

Legends One pocket $29.95

Legends 8 Ball $29.95

Legends 9 Ball $29.95

Legends 14.1 $29.95

All four DVDs $99.99

Consecutive Scoring for a higher average DVD

The Secrets EXPOSED: Consecutive Scoring for a Higher Average

The latest endeavor by Bill Smith “Mr.3Cushion,” to raise the awareness and importance of position play in the modern day game of 3 Cushion Billiards is a 120 minute DVD.  This DVD is a compilation of video starting positions melding with narrative diagrams to instruct the player how to take advantage of some of the most common positions on the table.

The DVD will take the viewer thru a progression of  starting positions which increase in their difficulty, to allow the player to accomplish a realistic opportunity for “consecutive scoring”.  Each starting position will enable the player to make runs of 3 or more.  The secrets Smith exposes are how to recognize the correct shots to start the possibility for consecutive scoring.

There are 12 chapters, starting with, Big Ball Positions, Small Ball Positions, Short Angle Positions, Thin Ball, 4 & 5 Cushion, Reverse English, etc., they contain over 50 starting positions to reveal 150 shots or more to “Consecutive Scoring for a Higher Average.”

The game of 3 Cushion Billiards is a game of memory, the player has to first recognize, and then remember every aspect that goes into executing a 3 cushion billiard.  This video will give the viewer that opportunity thru visual and audio instruction of the correct starting positions.  With this valuable information the player will realize a notable increase in their overall average, which Bill Smith’s work is committed to.
“Good shooting and good billiards.”



Book And 2 DVD Set Special

The Secrets EXPOSED: Consecutive Scoring For A Higher Average
The Concise Book of Position Play
Book And 2 DVD Set

SAVE 15% on Both!
My latest endeavor to raise the awareness and importance of position play in the modern day game of 3 Cushion Billiards is a 120 minute DVD entitled, “The Secrets EXPOSED Consecutive Scoring for a Higher Average”. This DVD is a compilation of video starting positions melding with narrative diagrams to instruct the player how to take advantage of some of the most common positions on the table.
The Concise Book of Position Play offers billiard players some great learning opportunities in an easily understood format with an accompanying DVD to demonstrate the concepts even further. This 270 page book is logical in sequence with great approaches to both common and complicated shots. It is spiral-bound, so you can take it to the table and lay it flat as you work with it. It is intended for the intermediate and advanced player and is a must have for learning how to control the position of all three balls.
Book and 2 DVD set $89.95 (normal price for both $104.90) The books come autographed



Willie Jopling’s Ultimate Trick Shot DVD

Knowledge, Skill, Tricks, Fun, and Truth on the Green Felt.

Over 250 exciting pool shots. A panopoly of Trick, Kiss, Kick, Curve and Bank Shots.

I have secured copies of the late, Willie Jopling’s rare, Ultimate Trick Shot DVD. It is no longer being published. The show was originally shot for VHF and later formatted for DVDs. It is a two disc set.
The disks run about 1 1/2 hours. $29.95

At least half of the shots on this DVD I have never seen before, including about 25% of the trick banks! He has a nice section on Onepocket trick shots that can easily be used in a real game. Very useful and entertaining. Bless his soul. Willie was a genuine pool genius.
Freddy the Beard Bentivegna



Willie Jopling’s Ultimate 1 Pocket DVD

I have secured copies of the late, Willie Jopling’s rare, Ultimate One Pocket instructional DVD. It is no longer being published. The lessons were originally shot for VHF and were later formatted for DVDs.
It is a two volume set that originally sold for $79. The disks run about 2 hours each for a total of 4 hours. Very good stuff. Much, much, information. Willie himself is very dry in his presentation, and borders on boring, but if you can stay awake, what he has to say and show, is gold for any one pocket player, beginner or advanced.
My opinion: The best one pocket instructional DVD made so far.

Watch Video clip of Willie running 8 and out.

I think the original price of $79 is a little high, so I am discounting them for $49.95.



Banking With The Beard-The Movie vol. l & ll

Clik to view a sample clip from this DVD: Bugs’ fabulous cross-corner

This is an incredible 2 rail cross-corner that Bugs Rucker played on me and then proceeded to run out.

Freddy “the Beard” Bentivegna’s new 2 volume DVD, Banking With The Beard — The Movie, provides information about banking from A to Z. Systems, ball action and tips not even found in his books make this a must see DVD for everyone who wants to bank better.
The Beard demonstrates every shot while providing the secrets needed to make the systems work. Players from beginner to expert will improve their banking after studying these DVD’s. Nothing remotely comparable to this 3 hr. DVD set has ever been made. Every bit of information needed to make banks is included.
It’s a veritable Jambolaya of entertaining road stories, incredible bank shots,and easy to follow, demonstrated instruction from the world’s foremost bank pool authority
Special Price 2 Volume set: $49.95

Clik to view:Peter Rabbit, Naked Without a Backer. One of the road stories out of the DVD


Toledo Joe Thomas 1pkt DVD

At age 80, Toledo Joe Thomas has been hustling pool for more than 60 years and still plays high speed. Joe is finally revealing the secrets he discovered in half a century of playing champions like Cornbread Red, Minnesota Fats, Eddie Taylor and many of the greatest one pocket players who ever lived. The information in these DVDs enables intermediate players to win games against elite players, and better shooters can become dominant players. Joe’s moves will put opponents at your mercy no matter how straight they shoot! This two DVD set has over 2 Hours of instruction covering, 70 Game Busting Shots, and the strategies to escape from difficult situations.
Viewers quickly learn to solve difficult situations that come up all the time. This jam packed 2 DVD set shows how to use Double Kiss Banks to control the cue ball. Beat opponents into submission using Threat Balls. Learn the Great Escape Getaway shot. Win from losing positions. Crush opponents with power moves. Find the exact aim to make caroms. Learn the winning strategies and upgrade your one pocket game.
Money players will pay for this DVD set in the first outing. Toledo Joe is a natural teacher who reveals powerful secrets unknown to all but a handful of players. When you apply this knowledge in your game, you’ll see an immediate increase in your level of play.
This special Two Volume Set has over 2 hours of must see instruction on two discs.
A must have for your journey into one pocket
clik link to view sample video clip:The Great Escape
clik link to view another sample clip:Dead ball, up & down


“Bank Shots that dont Go, but Do” DVDs Vol. I and II

After 50 years of competing against the best bank pool and one pocket players in the world, Freddy “The Beard” Bentivegna is revealing the secrets that made him one of the toughest competitors in the game. For decades “The Beard” was a fearless high stakes money player taking on all comers. In 2005 Freddy was inducted into the Bank Pool Hall of Fame. These DVDs expose the most closely guarded secrets in bank pool. Each Volume runs over 50 minutes. The DVDs contain 47 extreme bank shots, with their solutions.

Clik for Philadelphia Nicky Vach’s fabulous shot clip from this DVD

Special Price 2 Volume set: $49.95


Killer One Pocket DVDs by Cliff Joyner (w/special guest Wade Crane)

Cliff Joyner, the most explosive one pocket player ever, assisted by World 9- Ball Champ, Wade Crane, shares many of his secrets in this series of 3 DVD’S.

Cliff teaches the fundamentals of the game of One Pocket. Starting with how to rack, how to break and how to respond to the break and take that advantage away from your opponent. Plenty of moves and strategies to improve your game. About an hour long. (Special edition price, all 3 volumes, $49.95)

Price: $24.95

Cliff gets into high-level play, playing the ghost, with Wade Crane acting the role of the opponent, but with Cliff shooting both innings. Youll learn from 2 different points of view as Cliff compares his shot selections with Wade’s. There are many different concepts to consider for top-flight play, and Wades i insights are also priceless additions for your game. About 40 minutes long. (Special edition price, all 3 volumes, $49.95)

Price: $24.95

This is a short video, about 28 minutes long, but the entire thing is filled with pure goodness, and is devoted entirely to game winning shots. Many never seen before. Each one is a bone crushing One Pocket escape shot that can turn a losing position into a winning one. Cliff shoots (with Crane commentating) and
shows how you too can execute game breakers. A jam-up video! Use these shots on your opponents before they can use them on you. Turn the tide of the game with one stroke of the cue. (Special edition price, all 3 volumes, $49.95)

Price: $24.95

GET ALL THREE CLIFF JOYNER DVD’S in the new boxed edition for $49.95 and save $25.00!

Price: $49.95

Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots

Description:New exciting 5 volume DVD instructional series!

750 shots in 50 different categories.

with 250 useful “gems” of the game.

… every shot every pool player should know … and some your shouldn’t. .. all new and original video footage.. the most comprehensive collection of shots ever published… with extensive online resource support… each disc contains much more information than is typically found on instructional videos…. real shots for real people. … all of pool’s secrets revealed… learn all of the shots you need to get you out of trouble, help you be more creative, and win more games and matches…. the definitive video reference and resource for serious pool players and instructors … a “must have” in any pool player’s library.

… organized to help you quickly and easily find the information and advice you want and need.

From Tom Simpson (BCA Master Instructor and ACS Level 4 Instructor/Coach):
“In my opinion, this is the greatest single resource for players ever created. Packed with knowledge, clear demonstrations, simple explanations, and good pool sense.”


Volume 1 — Basic Shotmaking and Position $29.95


Volume 2 — English and Position Control $29.95


Volume 3 — Safety Play and Strategy $29.95


Volume 4 — Banks, Kick, and Advanced Shots $29.95


Volume 5 — Skill and Specialty Shots $29.95