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July 2018
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The “Encyclopedia” of Pool Hustlers

Soft cover “Encyclopedias” come in different trim sizes, different font sizes (resulting in less pages), and some are in color. The trim sizes range from 6 x 9 to 8.5 x 11. Prices range from $24.95 for the smallest font, smallest trim size, to $69.95 (+ $5 shipping) for the largest size in color. I will add a bonus companion DVD, Diana Hoppe’s, “The Road Scholars,” (retail on EBay $20) with the higher priced books, and include either the BCA Hall of Fame Dinner DVD, or the OnePocket Hall of Fame Dinner DVD with the lower priced books. “The Road Scholars” contains candid interviews with 11 of the hustlers featured in the book.

Ten (10) choices available on this “books” page.

Autographed, 8.5 x 11 trim, 389 pages with 12 point fonts. Road Scholars is included.


Price: $44.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

Color edition. 389 pages, 8.5 x 11 trim with 12 point fonts. Road Scholars included. Autographed.


Price: $69.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

More Encyclopedia choices 1

Following are more proof choices

389 pages, b & w, 7.44 x 9.69 trim. Road Scholars included.Autographed.


Price: $39.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

Color edition. 325 pages, 11 point font, 8.5 x 11 trim. Autographed. Includes Road Scholars DVDs.

Price: $64.95 (+$5.00 shipping)


325 pages, b & w, 11 point font, 8.5 x 11 trim. Road Scholars included.Autographed.


Price: $39.50 (+$5.00 shipping)


More Encyclopedia choices 2

Color edition. Autographed. 7.44 x 9.69 trim. 325 pages, 11 point fonts. Includes Road Scholars DVD

Price: $54.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

b & w 389 pages. Autographed 6 x 9, 12 point fonts. Includes Hall of Fame DVDs

Price: $34.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

More Encyclopedia choices III

268 pages, 10 point font, 8.5 x 11 trim. Autographed. Includes Hall of Fame DVD.

Price: $35.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

325 pages, 11 point font, 6 x 9 trim. Autographed. Includes Hall of Fame DVD.

Price: $28.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

268 pages, 10 point font, 6 x 9 trim. Autographed. Includes Hall of Fame DVDs.

Price: $24.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

Color edition. 268 pages, 10 point font, 8.5 x 11 trim. Autographed. Includes Road Scholars DVD.

Price: $58.00(+$5.00 shipping)

The Other Side of the Road

The Other Side of the Road by Alf Taylor
Tom Shaw, editor of Pool & Billiards Magazine, said in his review, May, 2012, “Road players tend to lead interesting lives, but I can’t think of one that even remotely compares with the life of Alf Taylor.” Kevin Cook, winner of the USGA’s Herbert Warren Wind Award for his book, Tommy’s Honor, former editor at Sports Illustrated, and author of the definitive biography, Titanic Thompson, the Man Who Bet on Everything, provided the following reaction, “Alf Taylor runs the table. A rollicking account of hustling in its heyday, vividly told by a pro who crossed paths with the legends.”Price:$24.95

All copies autographed


the Eight Ball Bible – By R. Givens

The critically acclaimed “Eight Ball Bible” is quite simply the best 8-ball book ever written. It provides illustrated instruction for every major aspect of high-speed 8-ball from safety play to the mental skills needed for championship competition. Players at all levels can improve after reading it. Concepts are clearly explained with over 460 diagrams. Players will either win using “The Eight Ball Bible” strategies, or be defeated by them. 283 pages.

Good news! This item is again available. The copies are no longer autographed, as the author has passed away.
Order below.


Price: $29.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

Banking With The Beard – Secrets of a Master Banker

Banking with the Beard, by Freddy Bentivegna, is an instructional work of art. Increase your game from the Knowledge within this book. It’s easily read, even for the novice.

(all copies autographed)
Traditionally, top after hours players were very tight lipped about divulging any ‘how to’ secrets. The hustler’s credo has always been never show your true speed, let alone give up any trade secrets that might come back to beat you! That’s one of the things that is unique about this book, because it comes from the genuine article. A veteran of countless action matches, from the ‘practice table’ at Johnston City to Chicago’s legendary Bensinger’s poolroom, Freddy came up through the school of hard knocks, against many of the best bankers of all time.

This is top quality instruction from a rare source: a top after-hours player, and he doesn’t hold back in sharing his hard-earned and valuable knowledge. Along with that, Freddy is one of the most entertaining and articulate legends of pool, with plenty of real life experience to both enliven and legitimize the advice he shares.

Sample pages from “Banking With The Beard”
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Price: $29.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

The GosPool of Bank Pool

This is the second book by “The Beard”, and not only is it instructional, but is packed with stories, and photos as well.
(all copies autographed)
The GosPool continues the “Beard’s” instruction for banking with more than 100 new pages of bank shot information. The GosPool also entertains with fascinating tales and anecdotes of hustlers on the road. Included are interesting stories about Minnesota Fats, Harold Worst, Bugs Rucker, Eddie “the Knoxville Bear” Taylor, CornBread Red, and many other top players Freddy knew and competed against. If you want to learn more banks and you like pool stories, this book is for you. There are many pictures of legendary hustlers along with Freddy’s critique of their action.

All copies autographed

Sample pages from GosPool
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Price: $29.95 (+$5 shipping)

Concise Book of Billiard Position

There are few players in America who have studied the game of three cushion billiards more analytically than Bill Smith. His own mentor, Ernie Presto’s knowledge of billiards was encyclopedic, and now Smith is ready to pass those skills along to you. Master the position-play concepts he has for you, and not only will you be playing better billiards, you’re going to find yourself playing a whole new game.
Bill Smith has elevated my own three cushion game by at least .2, an eye-popping boost, and that was just in casual instruction without a book or DVD, like what he has available for you now. Imagine the quantum leap your own game is in for! Enjoy your read, good luck and good billiards.
George Fels, feature writer for the Billiards Digest

All copies autographed

Price: $59.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

Book And 2 DVD Set Special

The Secrets EXPOSED: Consecutive Scoring For A Higher Average
The Concise Book of Position Play
Book And 2 DVD Set

SAVE 15% on Both!
My latest endeavor to raise the awareness and importance of position play in the modern day game of 3 Cushion Billiards is a 120 minute DVD entitled, “The Secrets EXPOSED Consecutive Scoring for a Higher Average”. This DVD is a compilation of video starting positions melding with narrative diagrams to instruct the player how to take advantage of some of the most common positions on the table.
The Concise Book of Position Play offers billiard players some great learning opportunities in an easily understood format with an accompanying DVD to demonstrate the concepts even further. This 270 page book is logical in sequence with great approaches to both common and complicated shots. It is spiral-bound, so you can take it to the table and lay it flat as you work with it. It is intended for the intermediate and advanced player and is a must have for learning how to control the position of all three balls.
Book and 2 DVD set $89.95 (normal price for both $104.90)



Confessions of a Pool Hustler

Confessions of a Pool Hustler

The long-awaited outrageous tales of legendary
pool hustler and road-man, Robert “Cotton”
LeBlanc is now available! A lifetime of Cotton’s
thrilling experiences—30 years on the road in an
exciting pool underworld that was often fraught
with peril. 350 shocking pages of his very personal
memoirs. Sex, violence, high stakes gambling, and
excitement throughout. Many player photos included.
Cotton was chosen to be technical advisor and cameo
actor in the 2003 cult hit movie, “Poolhall Junkies”
starring Christopher Walken.

Autographed copies $24.95 plus shipping

As a youngster, Robert “Cotton” LeBlanc was introduced to the sport of billiards at a local bowling alley that owned one pool table in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. He was just 12 years old. A quick learner, he became skilled at the game and mastered it under the guidance of top billiards professionals in the state.

After finishing school, he began traveling the billiards circuit across the country. During that time he learned new strategies and techniques from accomplished players like Buddy “The Rifleman” Hall, Wade “Boom-Boom” Crane, and Ronnie Allen. He soon earned the recognition and respect of the top pool players in the country by winning local, regional and statewide competitions.

Price: $24.95 (+$5.00 shipping)