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November 2018
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Pool Wars by Jay Helfert

Pool Wars –autographed copies
On the road to Hell and back with the
World’s greatest money players.

Lifetime pool player/promoter/enthusiast, Jay “Toupee Jay” Helfert — and I recite his nickname with affection — has taken us on a fun ride through what I call the Golden Years of pool and pool hustling. Jay’s misspent youth turns out to be our good fortune, as he has chronicled many of the events that have heretofore have been known only to the participants. Pool has never received much air or tabloid space, so many of our exploits have stayed alive only through word of mouth, or the efforts of a few lonely billiard writers, myself included of course.
So climb aboard and see what it was like to navigate throughout the shady shark-infested war zones of Chicago’s Bensingers, New York’s 711, LA’s Big Mama’s, Hollywood’s Ye Billiard Den, and so on, with the best players/hustlers of that generation.
Autographed copies $19.95 plus shipping

Price: $19.95 (+$5.00 shipping)

ROAD PLAYER: The Danny DiLiberto Story by Jerry Forsyth

A lifetime of stories from the vibrant memory of Danny DiLiberto, one of Accu-Stats Video’s most popular commentators. DiLiberto was one of the fabled road players, beginning with the Johnston City Hustler’s Tournaments. He excelled in four sports: baseball, bowling, boxing, and pool. Boxing was his first love, but his own hands could not stand the power of his blows. He was forced to quit because he punched so hard that he kept breaking the bones in his hands. Pool gave him the greatest fame and that’s what this book is about. From Las Vegas to Hollywood to the smallest towns on the most distant highways, this is the life of the roadman. A gambler’s tale in his own words.
(all copies autographed)
Excerpt from my book, The GosPool According To The Beard:

“Most Talented Pool Player: Probably Danny Diliberto from Buffalo, NY. Danny could run over 200 balls and was undefeated in 14 pro fights (12-0-2). Diliberto was an AA minor-league baseball player and a 200 average bowler who once bowled a perfect 300 game. Danny had a phenomenal throwing arm. He could throw a golf ball farther than anybody in the world. Danny could make a field goal on a football field with a golf ball by throwing it 100 yards through the goal-post uprights. He won the money doing that at Johnston City, IL. in the ’60s. Later, he trapped the late Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle at a Fort Lauderdale bar during Yankee spring training. Danny bet Maris he could throw a golf ball farther than Roger could. Diliberto won the bet from an amazed Maris by throwing the ball all the way across the waters of the Fort Lauderdale Causeway on Highway A1A. Roger didn’t even take his turn and tried to renege and call off the bet. Danny, who had a punch that could down an elephant, stood his ground and finally got paid.”

Price: $19.95

Joe Tucker’s “Guaranteed Improvement Book and DVD”

Joe now demonstrates all the shots and drills for you in what turns out to be one of the best instructional videos you’ve ever seen. It’s almost 2 hrs long and full of very useful information.The book contains 10 effective drills all based on a 100 point scoring system that helps keep practice competitive and the player motivated as he or she watchestheir score and skills constantly increase. The book is easy to carry and the comb binding allows it to lay flat on the table while you train. Whether you’re a pro instructor or beginning player, this book and DVD is for you.

Price: $25.00

THE PRO BOOK by Bob Henning

This book brings the latest advancements in training methods and techniques into pool. Intended for the competitive player, it will produce dramatic results in your game, if you put in the effort. Improve your ability to play using 130 reference shots, keyed into your memory with 16 primary shots. Expand your knowledge with reference safeties, kicks, kick safeties, and banks. Refine your table evaluation and pre-shot routines. Increase your mastery of peak performance with nutrition, mental training and conditioning. Organize your own training program for the physical, mental and emotional aspects of pool. If you are serious about competing at a higher level, this book is your ticket to getting there!

(all copies autographed)

Price: $49.95

The Advanced Pro Book

(all copies autographed)
Seven years of additional research from the author of The Pro Book, widely considered the most advanced training resource in pool. This new book covers five major areas of strategy and training techniques for the serious pool player: Honing Your Technique, Mastering the Shot Routine, Mastering Advanced Tools, Getting Your Game Out, and Match Strategy. This book contains advanced strategies and training techniques and is intended for the serious pool player. It’s a free standing book and the original Pro Book is not required to use it effectively, but being familiar with The Pro Book or The Pro Book DVD Series would be an advantage.

Train to execute advanced shots, position play, defensive play, banks and kicks.
Learn to get your best game out when you need it! Keep your focus under pressure!
Discover advanced strategies for the front, mid, and end games. Learn to take control!
Hone your technique to a master’s edge by using your own natural coordination! Increase your consistency by incorporating personal alignment, stroke and rhythm. Master the shot routine, visualization, and timing. Discover what is natural for you!

Price: $49.95


This book takes the reader into the life of pool’s legendary money player. It’s action-packed, entertaining, and easy to read. An inside look at the Johnston City tournaments and the world famous big-money poolroom — the Rack, in Detroit MI. It has received rave reviews from pool publications and other reviewers. $16.95

Excerpt from my book, The GosPool According To The Beard:

Cornbread Red liked to bet so high it put a “tremble” in his opponents stroke. Red was one of my heroes. Whenever I ran into him, I followed and hung onto him the whole time. He had me totally fascinated. Red was the master at shooting off the game ball. When confronted with a big-cheese-money-ball, Red would derisively snort, “Haw, haw,” in his inimitable style, then he would increase his normally long back-stroke about another foot, and slip-stroke the shot in, with dust flying out of the back of the pocket.

Price: $16.95

Banking With The Beard, Chinese Edition

Banking With The Beard, the translated Chinese Edition

Bank Pool Hall of Famer, Freddy The Beard Bentivegna’s best selling bank pool instruction book, Banking With The Beard, has been masterfully translated into Chinese by Huyan Publishing of Beijing, China. The process took 18 months, but at long last the translated edition is now available for the US and world market. The Beard’s bank pool classic, has already been released in mainland China. 5000 copies have been distributed in Beijing.
220 pages of stories, instruction, systems and diagrams.
$29.95 plus s&h
Sample page from “Banking With The Beard, Chinese version”
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Price: $29.95 (+$5.00 shipping)