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Confessions of a Pool Hustler

Confessions of a Pool Hustler

The long-awaited outrageous tales of legendary
pool hustler and road-man, Robert “Cotton”
LeBlanc is now available! A lifetime of Cotton’s
thrilling experiences—30 years on the road in an
exciting pool underworld that was often fraught
with peril. 350 shocking pages of his very personal
memoirs. Sex, violence, high stakes gambling, and
excitement throughout. Many player photos included.
Cotton was chosen to be technical advisor and cameo
actor in the 2003 cult hit movie, “Poolhall Junkies”
starring Christopher Walken.

Autographed copies $24.95 plus shipping

As a youngster, Robert “Cotton” LeBlanc was introduced to the sport of billiards at a local bowling alley that owned one pool table in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. He was just 12 years old. A quick learner, he became skilled at the game and mastered it under the guidance of top billiards professionals in the state.

After finishing school, he began traveling the billiards circuit across the country. During that time he learned new strategies and techniques from accomplished players like Buddy “The Rifleman” Hall, Wade “Boom-Boom” Crane, and Ronnie Allen. He soon earned the recognition and respect of the top pool players in the country by winning local, regional and statewide competitions.

Price: $24.95 (+$5.00 shipping)