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Toledo Joe Thomas 1pkt DVD

At age 80, Toledo Joe Thomas has been hustling pool for more than 60 years and still plays high speed. Joe is finally revealing the secrets he discovered in half a century of playing champions like Cornbread Red, Minnesota Fats, Eddie Taylor and many of the greatest one pocket players who ever lived. The information in these DVDs enables intermediate players to win games against elite players, and better shooters can become dominant players. Joe’s moves will put opponents at your mercy no matter how straight they shoot! This two DVD set has over 2 Hours of instruction covering, 70 Game Busting Shots, and the strategies to escape from difficult situations.
Viewers quickly learn to solve difficult situations that come up all the time. This jam packed 2 DVD set shows how to use Double Kiss Banks to control the cue ball. Beat opponents into submission using Threat Balls. Learn the Great Escape Getaway shot. Win from losing positions. Crush opponents with power moves. Find the exact aim to make caroms. Learn the winning strategies and upgrade your one pocket game.
Money players will pay for this DVD set in the first outing. Toledo Joe is a natural teacher who reveals powerful secrets unknown to all but a handful of players. When you apply this knowledge in your game, you’ll see an immediate increase in your level of play.
This special Two Volume Set has over 2 hours of must see instruction on two discs.
A must have for your journey into one pocket
clik link to view sample video clip:The Great Escape
clik link to view another sample clip:Dead ball, up & down