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Concise Book of Billiard Position

There are few players in America who have studied the game of three cushion billiards more analytically than Bill Smith. His own mentor, Ernie Presto’s knowledge of billiards was encyclopedic, and now Smith is ready to pass those skills along to you. Master the position-play concepts he has for you, and not only will you be playing better billiards, you’re going to find yourself playing a whole new game.
Bill Smith has elevated my own three cushion game by at least .2, an eye-popping boost, and that was just in casual instruction without a book or DVD, like what he has available for you now. Imagine the quantum leap your own game is in for! Enjoy your read, good luck and good billiards.
George Fels, feature writer for the Billiards Digest

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Book And 2 DVD Set Special

The Secrets EXPOSED: Consecutive Scoring For A Higher Average
The Concise Book of Position Play
Book And 2 DVD Set

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My latest endeavor to raise the awareness and importance of position play in the modern day game of 3 Cushion Billiards is a 120 minute DVD entitled, “The Secrets EXPOSED Consecutive Scoring for a Higher Average”. This DVD is a compilation of video starting positions melding with narrative diagrams to instruct the player how to take advantage of some of the most common positions on the table.
The Concise Book of Position Play offers billiard players some great learning opportunities in an easily understood format with an accompanying DVD to demonstrate the concepts even further. This 270 page book is logical in sequence with great approaches to both common and complicated shots. It is spiral-bound, so you can take it to the table and lay it flat as you work with it. It is intended for the intermediate and advanced player and is a must have for learning how to control the position of all three balls.
Book and 2 DVD set $89.95 (normal price for both $104.90)