Freddy the Beard Bentivegna
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Banking With The Beard-The Movie vol. l & ll

Clik to view a sample clip from this DVD: Bugs’ fabulous cross-corner

This is an incredible 2 rail cross-corner that Bugs Rucker played on me and then proceeded to run out.

Freddy “the Beard” Bentivegna’s new 2 volume DVD, Banking With The Beard — The Movie, provides information about banking from A to Z. Systems, ball action and tips not even found in his books make this a must see DVD for everyone who wants to bank better.
The Beard demonstrates every shot while providing the secrets needed to make the systems work. Players from beginner to expert will improve their banking after studying these DVD’s. Nothing remotely comparable to this 3 hr. DVD set has ever been made. Every bit of information needed to make banks is included.
It’s a veritable Jambolaya of entertaining road stories, incredible bank shots,and easy to follow, demonstrated instruction from the world’s foremost bank pool authority
Special Price 2 Volume set: $49.95

Clik to view:Peter Rabbit, Naked Without a Backer. One of the road stories out of the DVD