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November 2018
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Freddy “the Beard” Bentivegna grew up in Chicago, & turned out for pool in the shark-infested environs of Bensinger’s poolroom.
Freddy built his career putting a hurt on visiting players, & taking his game on the road; sometimes in stealth, but often in an open challenge to the best the country had to offer.

Hi, I’m Freddy “The Beard” Bentivegna,

After a fifty year stretch as a professional pool player, I was recently inducted into the Bank Pool Legends Hall of Fame. However, I wasn’t just a banker. I was also a top-notch OnePocket player. I played mostly for money, hardly any tournaments, and was well known and regarded all around the pool world. In my day, I feared no one, and played for more money then you can believe. I played in high class joints, and I played in the scariest, most dangerous pool halls on the South and West side of Chicago. Playing in those horrible joints for big money is one of the reasons I earned the respect I have today. In those days I was a predator hunting down every champion and top player that ever lived. I didn’t just stick to Chicago, I hustled all around the country and didn’t bar anybody from playing. Well, maybe one or two people (Gotta be a little modest).

In 1980 I opened up my own joint, the North Shore Billiard Club. The North Shore Billiard Club was a place of magic. Players came from all corners of the earth to play each other, and to play me and the other Chicago representative, One Pocket Hall of Famer, Artie Bodendorfer.

My second Bank Pool book, The GosPool According to the Beard, is now available on this site. There is also my DVD, BANKS THAT DON’T GO— BUT DO! Shirts, posters and other items are up for sale. Some of the stuff has the famous old, “North Shore” logo on it. I thought it appropriate. We also carry autographed trophy Cue Balls and autographed ball sets. The Cue Balls come with a enclosed plastic trophy case.

My latest bank DVD, BANKING WITH THE BEARD–The Movie is out, and it basically covers the material in the book.

Take your time, look around, and if you don’t see something you like, feel free to email me about other pool memorabilia I just may have lying around.

Freddy “The Beard” Bentivegna

Bank on, brother!

The Beard’s TV interview part 1

Beard’s TV interview part 2

Who the hell did the Beard ever beat?
Following is a list of players the Beard beat PLAYING ALL OF THEM EVEN, at least ONCE, in a COMPLETE gambling session, or tournament match over his 50 year career.

Al Racine Al Miller –bank pool, one pocket
Al Werline — bar pool
Allen Young Hoppe Hopkins — bank pool, tourn 9 ball
Alphonso Fonzi Daniels — one pocket and banks
Alton Babyface Whitlow — bank pool
Ardell Blackie LeSeur — Tournament only- Johnston City, IL onepocket
Artie Smartie Artie Bodendorfer — banks and one pocket
Baltimore Buddy Dennis — one pocket
Benny Goose Conway — one pocket
Berle Gabbard — bar pool
Bernard Bunny, Pots and Pans Rogoff — one pocket
Bernie The Hawk Schwartz — one pocket
Bill Cardone, Pittsburgh Billy Incardona — one pocket and banks
Bill Lawson — banks
Bill Memphis Rousey — tournament one pocket
Bill Mielke — 9 ball
Bill Stigall — one pocket
Billy Cornbread Red Burge — bank pool
Billy Joss West Stroud — banks
Billy Weir
Black Iceman from LA — one pocket
Black Nate Colbert — banks
Bob Black Bart, Bob Ogburn — one pocket and banks
Bobby Hunter — one pocket
Brooklyn Charlie — one pocket
Bruce One Pocket Ghost Perri — one pocket
Bud Harris — one pocket
Cadillac Dave Piona
California John Mc Cue — one pocket and banks
CaliRed (Greg) Derby City 2011 — banks
California Shorty — banks
Cecil Rifleman, Buddy Hall — banks
Cecil The Left Duke Tugwell — one pocket and banks
Champagne Eddie Kelly — tournaments only — Vegas & Richmond Ky, One pocket and 9 ball
Charles Country Monroe — one pocket
Charles Low Down Dirty Preacher Red Jones — one pocket
Charles Rosie Rosenblatt — one pocket
Charlie left handed from Ky. Jones — one pocket and banks
Charlie the Ape — bar pool
Chicago Paul Jones — one pocket and straight pool
Chris Gentile — one pocket and banks
Chris MacDonald — one pocket
Chubby Chino, Chicago Chino — 8 ball
Chuey Rivera — 8 ball
Cliff Spotmaster Joyner — one pocket and banks
Clyde Childress — banks
Country Calvin Hargrove — bar pool
Crazy Frank from Buffalo — one pocket
Cuban Joe Valdez — one pocket
Dallas Joey Torma — one pocket
Dallas West — tournament only, straight pool House of Lords, Chicago
Danny Buffalo Kid Di Liberto — bank pool
Danny Medina — bank pool
Dave Yeager
David Sizemore — one pocket
Denny Searcy — bank pool
Diamond Bill Cress — 9 ball and one pocket
Dick Weaver — one pocket and banks
Don Preacher Feeney – straight pool
Don Rose — bank pool
Don Waterdog Edwards — one pocket
Donnie Anderson — bank pool
Earl The Pearl Strickland — bank pool
Eddie Detroit Whitey Beauchene — bank pool
Eddie from Milwaukee Matthews — bar pool, one pocket
Eddie The Hat Burton — one pocket
Eddie White Cannonball Kienowski — banks
Edgar Shake and Bake White — one pocket
Edward Chris McGeahan — banks
Efren Bata, The Magician Reyes — one pocket and banks
Elihu Alley-Oop O’Rear — bar pool
Eugene Clem Metz — bar pool 8 ball
Fat Glen Knowles — one pocket and banks
Floyd Baxter — bar pool
Frank Bananas Rodriguiz — banks
Frank McGowan — One Pocket, Fred Whalen tourn. LA, 4 games to 2
Frank Sailor Stellman — banks
Freddy New Orleans Sessions — banks, one pocket
Freddy Salem — one pocket
Frisco Jack Cooney — one pocket
Gary Pinkowski — banks and one pocket
Gary Spaeth — one pocket, banks when he was very young
Gene The Glove Catrone — one pocket
George Brunt — banks
George Michaels — one pocket , banks and 8 ball
George Stardust Lounge Chicago Walker — bar pool
Glen Piggy Banks Rogers — bank pool, one pocket
Grady Professor Mathews — one pocket
Greg Big Train Stevens — bank pool
Handsome Danny Jones — bank pool
Harry Poochie Sexton — bank pool
Harry the Horse McConnell — one pocket
Hippie Cole Dickson — one pocket and banks
Hippie Jimmy Marino — bank pool
Hippie Jimmy Reid — bank pool
Hound Dog Calhoun — one pocket
Howard The Coward Meechum — bank pool
Hubert Daddy Warbucks Cokes — banks and one pocket
Ike Runnels — banks
Iron Joe Procita — banks
Isaac Little Miami Gonzales — banks, one pocket
Isadore Pony Rosen — banks and one pocket
Jack Jersey Red,The Red Raider Breit — tournament only, Philly Legends, two matches, one pocket
Jaffar Patch Eye, Henry Chapman Basheer — banks and one pocket
James the sniper Christopher — one pocket
James Youngblood Brown — banks and one pocket
Jamie Red Rifle Farrell — banks
Jeff Carter — banks and one pocket
Jerry Breisath — banks
Jerry the Actor Orbach — one pocket
Jerry Prado — one pocket,Hot Springs, AR
Jew Paul Brusloff — one pocket
Jimmy Flyboy Spears — one pocket
Jimmy Pretty Boy Floyd Mataya — tournament 9 ball
Jimmy The Kid Wetch — tournament one pocket
Joe Cognoscenti Gold — banks and one pocket
Joe Philly Ross — one pocket
Joe Rocha — bar pool
Joe The Grinder/ The Back Solomon — one pocket
Joey Cincinnati Kid Spaeth — bank pool
John Abruzzo — bank pool
John Drew Hagar — one pocket
John Henry McHenry — one pocket
John Henderson — one pocket partners
John Red Shoes Zaksas — bank pool
Johnny Boy Skinner — bank pool
Johnny Lefty, Cannonball Chapman — banks and one pocket
Johnny Popcorn Miller — one pocket
Johnny Velvet Foghorn Ervolino — banks
Jose Amang, Little Giant Parica — banks and one pocket
Jumpin’ Sammy Jones — one pocket
Junior Weldon — bar pool, one pocket
Keith Earthquake, Ether McCready — bank pool
Keith Young Squirrel Thompson — one pocket
Kenny Romburg Remus — one pocket, banks and billiards
King James Rempe — banks
Kokomo Joe Ross — banks
Larry Boston Shorty Johnson — banks
Larry Iceman Hubbart — banks
Larry Oil Can Lisciotti — banks
Larry Swartz — 8 ball, one pocket
Leon Ledford — bar pool
Leonard Bugs Rucker — one pocket
Little Al Romero — one pocket
Little David, The Giant Killer Howard — 9 ball
Long Beach — banks
Louie (Allingers Philly) Esposito — banks
Louis Little Hand Bramlett — banks
Marcel Camp — banks
Marco The Snake Marquez — banks
Martin Omaha Fats Kaiman — one pocket
Marvin Pittsburg Flash Henderson — one pocket and banks
Melvin Strawberry Brooks — one pocket
Mexican champion Cannella — 8 ball
Mexican Johnny Vasquez — one pocket and banks
Michael Geese Gerace –– one pocket
Mike Babyface Gulyassy — Tournament Dayton OH banks
Mike Bandy — banks
Mike Captain Hook Sigel — banks
Mike Carella — banks and one pocket
Mike Shoes Gambony — bar pool, one pocket
Mike Tennessee Tarzan Massey — banks
Milborn Gar Frazier — one pocket
New York Harry Cohen — banks
Nick Varner — banks, broke even $200 game one pocket
Norman Hitch Hitchcock — one pocket
Norman The Jockey Howard — one pocket
Okie Sam, Crotzer — banks
One-eyed Jesse Webb — banks
One-Eyed Tony Howard — one pocket and banks
Paul Doc Brienza — Tournament
Peter Rabbit Linhard — banks, one pocket
Petey Fusco — one pocket
Philadelphia Joey Veasey — one pocket
Pittsburgh John Stapoli — one pocket
Port Chester Mickey Carpinello — banks
Ray Booth — one pocket
Red Jew Town Red — banks
Rich Geiler — tournament Burlington IA
Richard Bucktooth Cook — one pocket
Richard Rocketman Slupik — bar pool
Richie Florence –Tournament Dayton OH, Onepocket
Richie from the Bronx Ambrose –– one pocket and banks
Robert (Houseman in TCOM) Agins — one pocket
Robert Cotton LeBlanc — bar pool, one pocket
Robert Rags Woods — tournament LA
Rodney Babe Thompson — banks
Roger The Rocket Griffis — banks
Ronnie Fast Eddie Allen — banks
Ronnie The Hat, Bald Eagle Mayes — one pocket, 8 ball
Roy Kilroy Kosmolski — one pocket
Rudolfo Boy Sampson Luat — banks and one pocket
Rusty Brandymeyer — banks
Scott Kitto — tournament
Seattle Joe, Tracy Joe Salazar — one pocket , 9 ball bar pool
Seattle Sam, Fat Sam Trivett — one pocket
Shannon, The Cannon, Daulton — one pocket
Skippy Dallas, Tx Le Cue Riggs — banks
Spanish Mike LeBron — one pocket
St. Louis Louie Roberts — banks
Sterling Buttermilk Ward — one pocket
Steve Cookie Monster Cook — one pocket
Steve Lizard Smith — one pocket and banks
Steve Miz Mizerak – banks
Surfer Rod Curry — one pocket
Tex Jean Sonny Springer — one pocket
Three- finger Ronnie Sypher — one pocket and banks
Tom Karabatsos — one pocket
Tom Spencer — one pocket and banks
Tommy Staten Island, Doc Halliday — one pocket
Tommy The Sailor Kramer — one pocket
Tony Banks Coleman — banks
Tony Fargo Ferguson — banks
Top Mexican 9 baller, Chi Chi — banks
ToughTony Brewer — banks
Toupee Jay Helfert — banks
Truman Hogue — Chicago Bumps tourn. bank pool
Utley UJ Puckett — one pocket
Vernon Brier Spivey — one pocket
Vernon Eliot — banks
Vince from Allingers in Philly, “Joe DiMaggio”— banks
Vince Pancho Carelli— banks and one pocket
Wade Billy Johnson Crane — banks and tournament 9 ball Johnston City
Watson (Capitol Billiards Detroit, The Rack) — one pocket
Wendell Weir — banks
Willie Munson — one pocket and banks