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December 2018
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'Instructional DVDs'


Pool photog and historian, Diana Hoppe has just released the DVD of the famous bull session at the Derby City Classic in 2008. It was an informal taping of a get-together of 11 Old School Road Warriors, sharing drinks, stories, adventures, good natured woofin, and camaraderie. The party lasted nearly 8 hours and Diana has edited the DVD down to an hour and 10 minutes of goodness.

It’s a hilarious, ribald, raucous, and unexpurgated romp, through the glories and oftentimes misadventures of the venerable Road Scholars.

Those present at the round table were Ronnie Allen, Danny DiLiberto, Jimmy Fusco, Freddy the Beard Bentivegna, Truman Hogue, Billy Incardona, Wade Crane, Eddie Kelly, Grady Mathews, Jimmy Reid, and Vernon Eliot.

Price: $20.00

The Finer Points of One Pocket

Grady Mathews is a legendary gambler, professional pool player, and a four-time World One Pocket Champion. In 2004, he was the first player to be inducted into the One Pocket Hall of Fame. He has authored two books, promoted nineteen tournaments and produced eleven instructional videos. He has commentated on ESPN and The Billiard Channel, and has been a contributing writer to Billiards Digest and The National Billiard News. He is also the creator of the Legends of One Pocket tournament series.

The Finer Points Of One Pocket
In this DVD Grady divulges years of accumulated information. The crucial opening break is discussed in great detail. Getting out of the break is then examined with approximately 15 different scenarios. The last section is devoted to end game situations, turning impossible leaves into game-winning strategies. In typical “Professor” style. Grady also examines the percentages relating to shots, gambling, handicapping and safety play. The Finer Points Of One Pocket may be the most comprehensive one pocket reference guide ever produced.
Price: $29.95


Killer One Pocket by Grady Mathews

This DVD contains the 20 most important concepts of One Pocket strategy that all great players must master. You will learn how to run balls at the other end of the table, and become more adept with end game situations. Killer One Pocket is a comprehensive strategy training guide, which is just what you need to master the highly strategic game of One Pocket
Price: $29.95


The Finishing Touch by Grady Mathews

The Finishing Touch
A One Pocket Player’s Guide to Strategies for “The End Game”

This DVD is 45 minutes long and offers an outstanding dissertation on this particular facet of the game. Grady uses 52 scenarios to demonstrate natural options that will get you out of tough spots. Learn how to get your opponent’s ball out of his pocket, kick three or four rails for the hook, and more. The two powerful drills at the end are a sure way to boost your consistency and confidence.
Price: $29.95


Bill Incardona’s One-Pocket Instructional DVD

Accu-Stats’ own Bill Incardona shares with you his common sense approach to successful One-Pocket. This shows the most logical way to approach the one-pocket table. Bill discusses, and then demonstrates, each thought process that he deems important. He proves why banking, kicking, and taking intentional scratches are vital. He guides you through seven key thought processes from thinking offensively to destroying your opponent’s shot, to the do-or-die scramble. Bill has always been a master of communication whether he’s in the commentary booth talking to viewers, or just one on one. So spend some time with Bill Incardona and raise your One-Pocket game to new levels. (60 min.)

I have spent much time in the Accu-Stat’s broadcast booth with my old pal Bill, and while we may, and often do, disagree on what particular shot to shoot during our analysis, I never disagree on the thought processes he used to arrive at a shot decision. He has always been one of the great thinking players in our game. His DVD will give you a valuable insight into how he was able to successfully handle the high-pressure, big money situations that he became famous for throughout his career. This DVD is vigorously recommended.

– The Beard

Price: $26.00

The PRO BOOK DVD Series by Bob Henning

This complete training system breaks shot-making, position play, safeties, kick safeties, kicks, and banks into the most strategic forms and teaches an accelerated method to attain mastery with each one. The training of pool has evolved greatly in the last few years and this high-performance series is on the cutting edge. Increase your training effectiveness, expand your problem-solving skills, enhance your creativity, and improve your ability to execute. $134.95 (PBD)

Volume I: The Sweet Sixteen: The 16 root shots of position play, and the 15 important extended shots.

Volume II: The Outer Limits: The 22 boundary shots, and the 20 extended boundary shots.

Volume III: It’s Hammer Time: The 16 root safeties, and the 8 strategic kick safeties.

Volume IV: The Great Escape: The 12 most crucial kicks, and the 8 most strategic bank shots.

Price: $134.95

Advanced Pro Book DVD Series

The Advanced Pro Book DVD Series
There are four areas of execution that must be mastered in order to play great pool and this instructional series will help you develop your skills in each area.

Volume 1, Pro Shots, takes an aggressive approach to winning. It contains offensive, confidence-building position shots and vital recovery tools. Once you’ve learned these, it will be easy to keep the pressure where it belongs . . . on your opponent.

Volume 2, Pro Safeties, will teach you devastating safeties! Use them in front game strategies to take (and keep) control of the table. Learn the critical thought processes that will help you make good decisions when the pressure’s on.

Volume 3, Advanced Kicking, is mandatory training for competitive players! In an even match, the better kicker is favored to win. If you want to stay in the game, it is imperative that your kicking skills are highly developed.

Volume 4, Advanced Banking, exposes you to a whole new realm of the game. See more opportunities to pocket balls. Use banks to play shape or to get safe. These are great tools to have in your box . . . great tools to win! $134.95

Price: $134.95

Aiming Workout (Workbook and 2 DVDs) from Joe Tucker

This workout is based on Joe Tuckers patented method of Aiming By The Numbers and may be the toughest pool exercise you ever come across. It will not only challenge the average player but World Class players will have a tough time sticking this one out.

Joe believes that we need to train more like Olympic style athletes and this workout is a step in that direction. It calls for the player to pocket 185 tough shots while recording your misses. Joe has picked some of pools most missable shots and shows you how to make an accurate connection with them in order to help you become a more consistent and confident player.

“While the system is not the one that I personally employ, it still provided some help for my own when he emphasized contact point aiming and thereby forcing me to think of the front part of the cue ball, and to view it as a round, 3 dimensional object. If you want to make severe angle shots, you need a solid aiming system and Joe’s is as good as any.”
– Freddy Bentivegna

Price: $32.00

90 Minute Rail Workout

Joe Tucker’s 2 disc DVD takes you on a 90 minute workout with Joe himself showing the way. Don’t just waste your time banging balls when you practice. Joe has trimmed the practice so you can get the most bang for your time. Price $29.95 plus $5 shipping

Price: $29.95

Racking Secrets DVD from Joe Tucker

Joe Tucker introduced the art of reading racks in 1999 with his highly recommended book “Racking Secrets” (now out of print). Now Joe comes to you via DVD and clearly explains and demonstrates how powerful this knowledge is. He starts off with 9 Ball and shows why and how the wing (corner) balls do and don’t go. Shows you how to adjust your cue ball speed and placement according to how the balls are racked. He shows you how to make more and give up less 9 Balls on the break. Honestly & Legally! The 2 DVD’s are almost 3 hrs long and they also cover 8 Ball, 10 Ball, 14.1 (a very specific approach to aiming and predicting 14.1 break shots) 15 Ball Rotation (How racking in order can help you play the ghost in 15 Ball Rotation) He ends with the One Pocket break. Not only will you become proficient in the art of Rack Reading, but Joe gives some pretty good aiming advice in the straight pool section. This $30 investment will definitely help you win more matches and may pay for itself your first time out and continue to do so for the rest of your pool playing career.

“I just finished watching the whole Joe Tucker series of DVDs (twice each, as a matter of fact), and I’d like to give out my take on them. The one I was most curious about was his “Racking Secrets with Joe Tucker.” I figured if you’re going to play pool you might as well not take the worst of it on a key element of the game — the break. His thoughts on the subject, especially the 9 Ball break, were interesting, informative, creative and revolutionary. I’ve been around a million years and I was shocked when I discovered how much there was to racking and breaking the balls, and how little I knew about the process.”
– Freddy the Beard Bentivegna

Price: $26.00